shenyang disabled people's art troupe in 2011

release time: 2020-02-27   visited: 209

      zhongjin medical donated special wheelchairs for acrobatics to shenyang disabled people's art troupe. the wheelchair donated this time was specially designed and produced according to the characteristics of disabled people performing acrobatics arts, which can withstand 6 people performing acrobatics together on wheelchairs at the same time. the whole worth is more than 60,000 rmb. qi ming, the vice mayor of the municipal government awarded zhongjin medical  for the support for the disabled. in his speech, vice mayor qi ming delivered his appraise to  changzhou zhongjin for assistance to the disabled. he gave full affirmation to the disabled art troupe. and the people who are disabled in the school should be self-improved and rehearse a good program to their audience. they should show their own personalities.